Community Development  

A lack of resilience in local communities adversely impacts on natural resources, as households turn to bushmeat for protein or access protected areas for water and grazing. We believe that conservation of our wildlife and ecosystems can only be sustainable if we economically empower the communities bordering the park and inspire new generations to care for our planet.

Enjojo Foundation supports community livelihoods by improving living standards through better access to health, clean water, education and clean energy, as well as with the creation of community enterprises such as craft making, potteries, honey production, herbal soap production etc.  Our community programme also includes training and support to organic farming methods, agro-forestry and climate change mitigation.

With a growing population, there is a continuous need for energy for years to come. People trespass into the park to cut trees, to look for firewood and to burn charcoal for cooking energy.   We promote tree planting, agro-forestry and establishment of tree nursery as a continuous source of seedlings.

By empowering the community and in particular the women, communities will become more resilient to conflict, climate change, public health and food security-related shocks, and their use of ecosystem services will become more sustainable.